Week of  5/13-5/17

Sub-genre:Free Choice 5/27-6/3

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  • *1 NEW Stop and Jot (Summary and 5 questions)  DUE: 5/27
  • *Teengagement: Teeengagment pages 45-51assigned 5/21 will be grade 5/29
  • Teengagmement pages 54-55 Due 5/29: for this essay be reminded that you must construct a plan. Based on the on the information in your plan write an essay (1 sheet of lined paper; front and back).
  • Reminder: students have two days (if not more) to complete Teengagment. If you are not understanding what is being asked of you, I am always willing and able to help them during SIS and during PE. The assignment is given to you over a two day period to facilitate this. 

* Read Theory: complete 2 brand new read theory DUE: 5/28

* Study from foldables: figurative language, fiction and nonfiction, P.O.V, Elements of Plot, Author's Purpose, Types of Poetry, Types of Conflict, Types of Characters, Pattern of Organization/Text Structure

*Family Tree Project: Assigned: 3/15 DUE: 5/28: Be reminded that you MUST: come to school in your traditional costume, have your completed tri-fold and family tree, native food or instrument, positive attitude.

Future Assignments and Announcements (You will be given time in class, use the time wisely)