Welcome to Dr. Gifts' Page      

Welcome to our class site. Through this portal parents and students will be kept informed. You will have access to homework, upcoming events, teacher's wish list, awards to students, pictures, FSA materials, class materials to be printed and students' blogs. Some key pointers to remember are:

1. Check this website daily for updates on homework, activities, and to complete you weekly blogs.

2.Contact me at [email protected], [email protected] or call 954-342-4064. Please allow AT LEAST 24 hours for me to respond.

3.BLOG QUESTIONS WILL ALWAYS BE POSTED ON THE HOMEWORK PAGE. Your responses and comments WILL ALWAYS BE DUE ON A Friday of a SPECIFIED WEEK by 7:30 am. When you post your blog you will see a message that says 'pending approval', do not be alarmed that message means that it was sent to me. Do not send your blog more than once. You are also required to print and post the journal  in your JOURNALS. Be reminded also that you blog MUST be between 1 1/2-2 pages long,if your response does NOT meet the required page limit you WILL NOT  full credit. Your blogs must be well thought out and  with evidence from the book. In addition, STUDENTS MUST comment only on students BLOGS who are in YOUR GRADE (not class, GRADE)EXAMPLE, Jane who is in Dr. Gifts' homeroom can comment on blogs either from John  Dr. Gifts' homeroom or Blake from Mrs Zeller's homeroom. 

4.WE WILL be having Drama Club again this year, our first meeting is TBD. To audition for stage crew, lighting and sound team, the student must complete a brief interview along with the audition sheet. For an acting part students must prepare a one minute monologue. If your child is interested in both acting and singing part, he or she must then prepare a one-minute monologue, as well as a brief solo. Click here for drama club information. Our first meeting will be September 27th to collect audition packets. FYI. even if you have an interest in helping with props, makeup or working backstage, YOU MUST ATTEND the meeting 9/27/18. OFFICIAL Auditions will be open to 4th, 5th and 6th grade students on 9/27/18. If you decide to do a song, please memorize EITHER "You are never fully dressed without a smile" from Annie OR "Tomorrow" from Annie, OR "Maybe" from Annie. Remember your audition is ONLY 1 minute in length. I am excited for the new year.

7. In your child's back MUST be the following:
a. Agenda
b. Science folder
c. Math binder
d. One subject spiral notebook and novel for READING
e. Social Studies/LA folders
f. Why notebook- Social Studies
g. Pencil pouch
h. Hebrew folder and note book
(Your child will be advised if there are any additional supplies needed)